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Multidisciplinary Lecture Recitals

Dr. Tsai has been invited to lecture and perform in the following institutions

on the following projects:

the French Embassy (Washington, District of Columbia, USA)

Princeton University (Princeton, New Jersey)

Éscola Supérior de Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain)

Indiana University (Bloomington, Indiana)

University of Illinois, (Urbana-Champaign, Illinois)

Grinnell College of Liberal Arts (Grinnell, Iowa)

Arizona State University (Tempe, Arizona)

The presentation will include a brief introduction of the relationship between music and the central nervous system, the performance of the variations in its entirety, and an active participation of listening and discussion on the audience's part.


A glance into 17th-century French literature, history, politics, music, gender studies, this program is based on music inspired by and/or related to the intriguing Abbot de Choisy, a prolific French author from the 17th century in France. Abbot de Choisy was a close confidant of King Louis XIV and volunteered to be sent to Siam by the King and lived there for a period of time. In addition, he also led a scandalous life as Mme. Sancy / Comtesse des Barres, who attended and hosted numerous musical soirées for the nobility dressed as a woman. The presentation is about 25 minutes (throughout the performance), and 40 minutes of music.

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