Art of integrated living 
Sophrology therapy


Sophrology is a solution-based, psychosomatic therapy that invites us to develop a more conscientious perception of our daily life and our body by combining controlled breathing in a series of gentle exercises and various positive visualizations/meditation. This practice enables the alignment of the following aspects within a defined time and a personalized intention : physical, emotional, communication, and actions.

Sophrology can be practiced alone, or as an excellent companion to any ongoing physical or psychological therapy. It facilitates the integration and embodiment of all the new information in a coherent manner into your day-to-day life.

As a sophrologist, Ms. Tsai applies her experiences as a teacher/coach and her studies in psychology (B.A. Applied Psychology, Boston University) to help others who are in need. In addition, Ms. Tsai is currently in the the certification process for Traumatic Stress Studies from the Traumatic Research Center directed by neuropsychiatrist, Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, author of The Body Keeps the Score. Ms. Tsai received her training and certification as a sophrologist from l'École Française Supérieure de Sophrologie in Paris.

I work with professionals and students to help them achieve their objectives by aligning their targeted intentions in their actions, spoken words, physical sensations, and emotions.

This is executed by a defined period (between 9-11 session/weeks, depending on the specification of the intention) involving the following methods:

1. Consulting with the individual to understand needs and identifying solutions-based practices to meet the needs.
2. Designing a completely personalized protocol based on reaching the client's goal that includes a set of tangible and simple exercises and consciousness assimilation/visualization that follow the course of the individual's progress.
3. Creating practice opportunities to integrate new skills and sensations into their daily routines.
4. Delivering measurable results to meet personal/work goals.

Specialties include:
*Performance related training : music, sports, public speaking, competitions, interviews
*CEO and corporate mental health :  how to prevent work saturation /burn-out and increase productivity
*Self-care for caretakers: doctors, nurses, mothers, mental health workers
*Decrease unidentifiable stress and anxieties - Integrated living
*Expat cultural adaptation - transition, integration
*Emotional support for LGBQIA communities and individuals
*Managing childhood and/or sexual trauma Pre- and/or post- natal preparation and support *Psychosomatic practices to relieve and help PTSD and Depression symptoms
*Unidentifiable stress
*Restoring restful sleep patterns

EFSS™ Certified Sophrology Practitioner RNCP

Certification on Traumatic Stress Studies from the Trauma Research Foundation led by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk.

Group therapy is also available: studies have shown an improvement on efficiency in productivity, with an increasing focus on empathetic communication, motivation, and team unity :



Work dynamics: orchestras, conservatories, chamber music groups, how to cope and thrive in highly competitive team settings, etc.


Individual session (online or in person): 80 euros per hour

Group session: 160 euros per hour

Average trajectory period: 10 sessions (recommended: 1

session per week, but a higher frequency per week can be arranged for exceptional requests) Packaged sessions are available at a 10% discount: 10 sessions package = 720 euros (instead of 800 euros)

On-location sessions are available: travel and extra preparation

costs to the session fees

in-person sessions take place in Ms. Tsai's cabine/clinic in Toulouse city centre (by Jean Jaurès metro stop), France

Sessions can be conducted in the following languages:

English, French, Catalan, Mandarin, Spanish